worse than watered-down

Does a church save people?  Is the purpose of the church to save people, meaning is the church capable of saving people?  Is it the right thing to do to modify the inspired word of God so that it is more palatable?  People’s ears are so sensitive that the truth hurts too much.  We cannot make people feel bad about their sin, that they are doing things that God doesn’t like.  We have to tell them that God loves them as they are and they can still receive Jesus as their Savior.  The Lord part can come at some later day.  You can still live as you have been living and volunteer at the church as evidence of your becoming a member of the family of God, that will help you feel saved.

Jesus saves people.  The church does not.  Pastors do no.  People do not.  The gospel is preached.  The Spirit convicts.  People are saved.

The Law is revealed to show deficiency in each person before God the Father.  God the Father expects perfection and we will never achieve it.  God established the sacrificial system in the Temple as a symbolic requirement that only blood can cover anyone’s sin, but animal blood was not enough.  It had to be done over and over but it would never be enough.  A sacrifice of blood that would have eternal implications needed to be given in order for God to appeased in the eternal sense.

Grace is revealed through Jesus the Son of God.  Jesus was born of the Spirit in the flesh of man.  He was clothed in that which He created that we corrupted.  He was fulfilled the Law because He obeyed the Father and remained perfect.  He became the Perfect Passover Lamb that finally appeased the wrath of God the Father so we could receive the grace of God through the Son, and then God the Holy Spirit enters in so we, through the Spirit, can live out our salvation through the grace we have been given.

The body is there for believers for nourishment.  The pastor is to teach about Jesus and to teach about the doctrines of the bible.  We are to be a part of the body, helping one another and lifting up one another in prayer, encouraging one another that our Redeemer will come for His bride.  Our hope is found in Christ, not in the church.

We have got it backwards today.  We swim in the kiddie pool of the bible.  I would say that we are still feeding on spiritual milk but we keep pulling away from the nipple so we can consume the sweet candy from false teachers, wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Then those wolves accuse those who question what they teach as those who are the cancer in the body of Christ.

What has happened?

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