What is important

I had to stay in a hotel a few days ago.  We had a really bad blizzard and the place I work at asked if I would stay at the hotel and got to work the next day so that we would not be buried in work the day after the storm.  I work at a place that processes and mails statements for banks and other clients.  I did but only for the money.  I missed my wife’s birthday because of it, which made me sad and all you husbands can guess how she was.  The room was nice but the bed wrecked my back.  I don’t like hard mattresses.

Anyway, while I was there I could not help but think about how meaningless it seemed.  I am staying at a hotel so people can get their statements on time.  And this is not the only thing I believe, as people, we waste so much time and energy on.  I am talking about sports talk radio.  A local station’s afternoon show will spend sometimes up to a week talking about a topic.  And they end up in a cycle of redundancy because it is the same thing day after day.  And they make a nice salary doing it.  Or political talk show hosts.  They at least talk about something that impacts us as a nation but not that important.

We spend billions of dollars on things that don’t matter in the eternal perspective of life.  We have placed such a high importance of things that I cannot understand why they are important.  I care about doing a good job at work because I should and I get paid to.  As a recipient of that mail, I couldn’t care less what day I got my bank statement.  When are we going to spend billions on the things that matter to our Savior?

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