watered down gospel

There has been a push for the church to become relevant to modern culture and society.  This has become more evident in the last twenty or thirty years or so with the advent of megachurches.  This desire and backwards thought process of becoming relevant to the current trends in today’s society has also encouraged new strategies to reach those who are not Christian.  I don’t like the term “unchurched” because it doesn’t make any sense and being “churched” doesn’t make anyone a Christian.  Besides, these proponents for relevancy have set out to redefine the church experience.  What seems to have happened is that they also decided that redefining the gospel message to be more hearer-friendly.

Hear is the big problem: the gospel has always been relevant, is currently relevant and will always be relevant.  Man will always be born into sin because of the inherited spiritually dead nature from Adam, will always be in need of deliverance from the wrath of the Almighty God, cannot do anything in and of themselves to get out from under that wrath that is due them and is need of the shed blood of the Passover Lamb to cover the sin before and the imputed righteousness of Christ in order to stand before the Father free from sin.  This fact is always relevant now and will always be relevant no matter what new theories are presented my man-centered thinking.  Man cannot rewrite the word of God, the bible, to sanctify their souls without repentance of their sin.

What happens is now the “negative” aspects of the gospel are not preached.  The focus has been on the love and grace and mercy of God so that God is now a partially senile grandfather and Jesus is your best buddy, BFF.  And when the focus changed to that well, the natural inclination is to ask if God is love then why would He send people to Hell?  Then the message is changed to just say you believe about Jesus and you will be saved.  Volunteer to serve in the church and you will have good works because of your easy believism.  But is the person’s eternal destiny changed?  Are they now trying to attain salvation on their best effort to not live how they used to live?

No part of salvation has to do with us.  We cannot do anything.  Even the faith and the ability to believe are gifts from God, read Ephesians 2: 8-10.  The works we do are not added to our salvation but are a result of our salvation.  We must study like the Bereans and verify that all the teaching we hear is harmonious with the bible and that verses are used out of context in order support some man-centered teaching and a false gospel.

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