Two constants

I wanted to elaborate on something I wrote in a recent post. I wanted to comment further of the concept of the two constants that exist in all the history of mankind. This is an inescapable truth regarding the relationship between God and man throughout human history. It cannot be ignored. No matter what the human culture dictates these two constants remain true. The context may change within human history but the struggle to find a way to an end around the Almighty’s holiness has not, and our Creator never changes. We are always trying to make God compromise on His statutes, or at least those who represent Him here on earth.

The two constants are that God does not change, His holiness still requires an accounting for our sin, and we always try to find ways to legitimize or justify our sin. Do we think that homosexuality was not prevalent in the times of the apostles, or during the Old Testament? How many times did godly kings of Judah abolish male prostitutes in the temples of foreign gods? How often did Israel need to call out to God to rescue them from under the thumb of other nations because they did as they wished and disobeyed God? David lost his child because it was born from an adulterous and murderous affair. God may be patient and forgiving but the clock is ticking.

I am writing this and my brain is going in at three different directions. I know that we are always trying to outwit God. We are always trying to pray to Him that He see that the sin we are involved in is not as bad as it seems. I love my girlfriend or boyfriend so sex outside of marriage is fine, everyone is doing it. I love my same sex partner so, because God is love, then He must understand our love is real and true and that what the bible teaches is irrelevant in these modern times.

God is timeless, and so are His statutes. Like chaff, these empty arguments will blow away when we are judged, which is why the psalmist says that God laughs when men make their grand plans, in this case grand arguments and justifications. So, we really only have to make a choice between two options: continue to rebel against God or submit to Him. If you are not submitting to Him then you are in rebellion, and in your sin you remain.

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