Truth: where is it found?

Are so desperate for the quick solution that we will try to circumvent all truth? We listen to people with questionable influences who tell us we can find the onramp to the highway that leads to heaven. All we need to do is sit in candlelight in a quiet room and lose oneself in the silence. We just need to let that silence outside of us filter in and become a silence inside of us. This is the sign that leads us onto the onramp. The highway leads to the center of that silence, deep into the middle. Finally the highway ends and you have found the presence of God within you.

We love shortcuts or easy solutions to persistent problems. We have a myriad of commercials telling us to call this company to eliminate tax debt. Call this company to consolidate credit cards because we can’t stop spending. Call this company and make this investment because the economy as we know it will collapse and you need us to invest for you so that you can avoid being penniless. Call this psychic and all the questions you have will be answered. Donate $42 to this televangelist and God’s riches will pour down from heaven because of your faith seed money. Life is found to be joyous when we take advantage of the easy solutions offered to us from all directions. Thank you, Jesus, for shortcuts to the easy life!

So it seems that we either take the long journey into the deep silence or we pound heaven’s door, demanding that Jesus give us part of our future heavenly inheritance so I can live comfortably here. Either I trade the two-edged sword of truth found in God’s word for mystical myths that promise entry into the presence of God or trade eternal riches for temporal comfort.

I was born dead into a corrupt and decaying world. I am not promised a second of comfort while I am here nor am I told that times of self-absorbed meditation will open heaven’s gates of internal enlightenment. I have no escape from this place of decadence and obliviousness that I can find on my own.

I need to be made alive in Christ. The dead cannot be risen until the One who is resurrected comes to give them life. There are no shortcuts to heaven and there are no avenues to a relationship with the living Creator except through His Son Jesus. Sprinkling bible verses throughout a book does not mean that the book is teaching biblical, orthodox truths. We are dead to the core inside and dying outside. Only Jesus and His truth can bring life within us, and His truth is found between Genesis 1:1 and Revelation 22:21.

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