Tired of the Barrage

I am tired of television.  I am tired of Hollywood telling me that same-sex relationships are normal.  I am tired of Hollywood’s assumption that sex is a normal part of a first date or even a random meeting between two people.  I am tired of Hollywood telling me that people who chase people who do bad things are inherently good.  I am tired of the constant materialism thrown at me.  I am tired of being frightened by some news story that the government is going do this or that and it will affect my freedom, so send me $50 now and they will tell what I need to do to escape the coming oppression.  I am tired of the television telling me that psychics can be my newest best friend, for $5 dollars a minute.

I am canceling my cable.  There are a lot of good shows that I like to watch but I can’t.  I can’t watch because they are asking me to accept what they believe and un-believe what I believe the bible teaches.  I have come to a point where I cannot continue to watch certain shows because of the anti-Christian preaching that is shoved in my face.  I am tired of being told that I am backwards, out of touch, Puritanistic, and pathetic.  I would rather the world consider me pathetic than compromise what my Lord and God teaches in His Word.

There are numerous places in the bible where the bible denounces all the sin we have the freedom to commit, and that man is basically good.  I am a sinner just as the bible tells me I am, but I am sinner who has more grace in his favor than the taint of his sin.  Hollywood has turned its back on God, not even their lame movies on bible stories can lighten the darkness they spread, but I will not follow Hollywood’s lead.

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