the wolves have entered in

I have a point to make, and I guess my point is that with all these people receiving new, special revelations from Jesus that happen outside the purview of scripture, will it happen one day that someone will claim that a squirrel climbed up to their back deck and talked to them about how to get fatter wallets. Will a skunk say that eating garbage out of someone’s trashcan is the key to a God-ordained healthy life?

You see, we are willing to believe these people. We are willing to believe people who are telling us that my best life is today. I can grow a money tree in my back yard if I just plant a dollar bill and surround it with faith. I can purchase a new home and drive the latest model luxury sedan if just close my eyes visualize my desires and click my heels. My world will go from black and white to vivid color on the other side of the six color rainbow.

They received a special revelation from God. They had a conversation with Jesus while looking in a steamy mirror after taking a hot shower. Perhaps the steam coalesced around the spirit form of Jesus, since He doesn’t bother appearing in His resurrected body like He did with His disciples in the locked upper room. The special spirit visits from Jesus are new revelations, new heavenly inspired information that supersedes and trumps inspired scripture that is 2,000 years old.

We don’t need to read the recorded words of the inspired prophets of God. When Peter and Paul suggested that we can learn from the prophets of the Old Testament that was because that was all they had. That was all they understood. Today’s prophets are more advanced because they found secret place inside their internal silent zone. They speak truth that is even truthier than the bible.

Why do we believe them? Why are we so concerned with living comfortably? What part of the bible tells me that we are entitled to being rich and not to suffer sickness? Why are so many are willing to be exploited so that the “prophet” can be rich?

The wolves have come to the door and we let them in. They didn’t need to huff and puff and blow the door down. All they needed to do was tickle our ears with empty promises.

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