The weathervane moves with the wind

On my way to work I pass several churches. In the center of one of the towns is a Unitarian church. The other day I noticed they hung a giant gay pride 6 color rainbow flag, something I did not find too surprising. Today, out of curiosity, I decided to see if there was a cross decorating some part of the outside of the church. Once again I was not surprised to not find one, but I did see something that was more telling about the churches beliefs than anything else. On the top of the steeple there was a weather vane with an image of a chicken on top.

I dare say that I would not consider Universalist Unitarian congregation at part of the church as a whole. I would not consider it a church at all. I would likely call it a social club or something of that nature. It’s nice that all are welcome, and I would say that all are welcome at the church that I attend, but to embrace something that is in direct opposition to what the word of God teaches cannot be considered as part of the universal church body. God is a God of love but His love is part of His holiness, and holiness requires us to be held accountable to His standards.

I don’t know how it is possible to reconcile a position such as this. This is what happens when a church follows the lead of the current philosophy of the culture around than continuing to believe in what the bible teaches. The fact is that sin has not changed, ever. We have always been sinners. The other fact is that we have always tried to manipulate the context so we justify our pursuit of sin and to more prolific in that pursuit. There are two constants in the whole of human history: we are sinners and in rebellion against God, and God still loves us and is willing to forgive us of those sins.

We cannot continue on calling ourselves followers of God and His Son Jesus if we decide to deliberately disregard what the bible teaches about sin. We cannot, as a church, wet our finger and stick in the air to see which way the cultural wind is blowing and adjust our message to accommodate the masses. We must holy as are Heavenly Father is holy, which means we must stand apart. He never changes, no matter what is going on in His creation, and we must as a church must never change our stance on His truth so that we can be more appealing to society. We must hold firm, and we can if we are listening to what Jesus teaches and doing what He teaches because our house will be built on His Solid Rock.

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