The return to my writing

It has been some time since I have posted a blog.  There is a good reason.  I have moved into a new home and it took some time to settle in and get organized.  Still not entirely settled but since we are here for the long haul, we will have time to settle in, go through all the boxes we have and eliminate some stuff we don’t think we want and replace it with new stuff which we will decide later in life that we don’t want that anymore, either.

Well, it seems that no one has visited my site who wanted to leave me a comment that wasn’t an advertisement to another website.  I have been thinking about the lack of comments.  At one time, it had disappointed me and kinda affected my motivation to write on my site.  But now I have changed.  I will wait upon the Lord and He will bring people to read what I write.

I am going to change some things because I have read some things about blogging.  One thing I wrote is the definition of a blog is a short piece of writing that is an opinion piece on some recent item in the news.  What I write about does cover that type of writing in some of my topics, but only in a way that points to an eternal discussion point.  I don’t want to write about temporary things because we are not temporary, we are eternal.  It is my endeavor to stress what I think is important in man’s constant struggle against himself and the doom that awaits those who don’t accept the mercy offered by God through His Son.

I am not trying to convince anyone to believe what I believe, but I am asking that the reader reflect on what I write and not have a knee-jerk reaction and shoot from the hip in a response.

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