the narrow door

“Oof!” I exclaimed.

I was trying fit through this narrow door. As I walked up to the door it seemed like it wasn’t that small. I certainly could take what I was carrying. I had a backpack and a little cart full of stuff. Now I am not so sure.

I got to the door and I realized that I was going to have to ditch the cart. I picked through the contents to see what I wanted to take and what I didn’t think I would need. So I was able to trim down what I had to what I was able to carry.

I approached the door and tried to go through. The stuff I was carrying in my hands wouldn’t fit through door with me. So I picked through those and tried again after discarding more baggage. Still couldn’t fit. I then dropped everything I was carrying except my backpack. I squeezed, squirmed and tried to wiggle in through the door but I couldn’t fit.

As I sat their pondering about my predicament I noticed someone else come along. He didn’t notice me, or at least didn’t acknowledge that I was there, and he came to the door with his bags. He tried to get into the door but he wouldn’t fit either. He placed his bags on the ground and went through them. After about a half-hour he gave up, grabbed his bags and moved on.

A little while later (after I had removed more items and tried several more times without success) another man came to the door, carrying his own bags like the first. After staring at the door for about five minutes, apparently considering the door, he dropped everything he had and approached the door.

I eagerly watched to see what would happen. He got to the door and walked through without a problem. He just walked through the door and to the other side. As I sat there wondering what just happened I heard this huge uproar that startled me from my reverie. What was that? I wondered. Someone sure did sound excited and happy, actually a lot of someones, about his arrival.

I delayed. I had so many things I did not want to let go. I could not fathom why they would not fit through the door. As I contemplated my dilemma I witnessed more people approach the door. Most tried to carry their bags through the door and when they failed, they gave up and went on their way, some went away sad, some angry and some completely forgot about the whole thing. Very few people made it through, but when they did I heard the same shout of joy and sounds of celebration. At one point I tried to see through the door to the other side but it revealed nothing to me. I wanted to see the size of that crowd making that noise.

One person who couldn’t get through the door and was more confused than angry stopped to talk to me.

“I went to a revival meeting,” he said. “It was called something like a Circuit of Blessing or whatever. He told me that God wanted me to be successful. All I had to do was have faith in his son and I would become his son, too, and enjoy all the perks of being a son of God.”

He stood there for a moment, staring at the door. “And?” I asked.

He turned to me and looked at me for a minute before answering. “That’s just it. I have all this stuff, like you, and I can’t fit through the door. It seems you are having the same problem.”

I nodded in agreement. He shrugged in frustration and moved off shaking his head. I looked at him as he walked away and thinking about how I found myself here. I had heard a similar message but from a different preacher. He told me that if I gave him money I ensure my spot in God’s blessings and kingdom.

I gave and I gave and I gave. It seems that I did not know what God’s blessings were supposed to look like.

I had watched some other programming from preachers on the same channel. One guy was old and had his ministry in Florida. He talked about tulips which didn’t make any sense to me. This is a church show, why is he talking about flowers. As I stared at the door and then looked down at my bags and I remembered some of what he said. The one thing that got to my brain was that my bags were my stuff. If I want to get through that small door I don’t think I can take my stuff with me, at least that is what I thought is what he meant.

I shrugged my shoulders and my backpack dropped to the ground. I took a step forward and moved towards the door. As I made to step through the door I flinched because I was expecting to feel resistance but I made it through. I noise I heard next is what cause me to open my eyes.


This is just a story. I am not attempting to rewrite the gospel but I am trying to express a simple truth. We cannot expect to walk through the narrow door with any of our baggage of sin. We cannot expect to be unrepentant and unregenerate and still get through the narrow gate. We cannot expect blessings from God if we are unrepentant and remain in our sin. But we are so willing to be duped into believing we can that we will try anything except what the gospel tells we must do. We must repent of our sin and seek forgiveness from the Omnipotent God.

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