The battle for our children

This is the danger we are in, as a culture, when we embrace sin and push God away. We are setting up young people and children for a life of pain and confusion. We will have teachers and school counselors who will mistake behavior as signs for attraction towards members of the same sex. They will sit them down in an office, look really concerned and try to guide them the path that the counselor has determined to be the right one. We will have children who will be talked into a gay and lesbian lifestyle by someone in a position of authority, someone whom they are taught to trust and have their best interest in mind, and it will be the wrong path.

This is what is going to happen as we continue to embrace sinful behavior as normal. It does not matter what that behavior may be. The main push by these sexual progressives seems to be to legitimize any aberrant sexual behavior. It does not matter what sexual tendencies the children may momentarily be exuding but it will cause serious long-term damage. The children will continue to act out in a certain way because a counselor in elementary school told them that this was the way they were born to behave. We will have a generation of mentally unstable adults because they are confused about their sexual identity.

What are we doing as parents? Have we given away our parental rights so we can chase the American Dream? Have we let the secular government and school system usurp our job as parents? Has the church lost its way in regards to our children?

I don’t know how we have lost our way but we have lost our way in being active in the development of our children. Taking them to their sports practices and games is not really quality time. Standing in their doorway as they play video games or are texting away on their phones is no quality time. We have lost our focus and have neglected the directive from our God to guide our children, to teach them His statutes and law, and about the redemptive power of the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus. I have been too caught up in trying to ensure that they had a chance at a better life rather than securing their surety in Christ in heaven by living for Him no matter what the culture says about me.

I have been lax in my duties as a father, and I cannot use being a divorced father as an excuse. I must change and the first place that must begin is in my prayer life. My strength and our collective strength are found in prayer before the throne of heaven. This is the best offense in an increasingly hostile battle for the future of our children. Attacking the basic structure, the foundation of family identity, by attacking our children’s sexual identity is the surest way Satan can weaken the church and curb the effectiveness of the outreach of the church body.

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