terri savelle foy and misplaced guilt

Terri Savelle Foy has a YouTube channel.  She teaches messages that will help us to be better Christians and experience the joy of wealth and health that God promises.  She teaches all types of false doctrine and self-help advice that would be as effective if she didn’t feel the need to reference the bible.  Well, she keeps coming up with different ways to deceive and fleece those who choose to listen to her, buy her material and follow her advice.  But on one episode she talked about past mistakes that may be keeping you down because you won’t let them go, but I don’t want to talk about the “mistake” but the bigger picture.

When she was in college she got pregnant.  This was her example of something in her past that was holding her back because she wouldn’t let go.  She explained that when she realized she was pregnant that she became filled with guilt and shame.  She was now carrying a baby and the evidence of her sin would be noticed by everyone.  She was afraid to her parents and her church because of the judgment and condemnation she would receive.  And she would not let go of that guilt and shame, according to her, and she believed it was holding her back from accomplishing God’s purpose for her life, blah, blah blah.

What I noticed was that she did not feel guilt and shame until she became pregnant, until the evidence of her fornication would be seen by all and not just her and her boyfriend.  She did not feel convicted of her sin until people would be able to see her womb enlarge.  Actually, I am not sure she felt convicted of her sin but only was embarrassed because people would know about it.  Did she feel guilty of her sin of fornication, sex before marriage, or did she only feel guilty of the results of the act of fornication?  Does letting go mean she repented of her sin or that she moved on past the guilt she felt?

This is an important distinction.  Today’s teachers do not teach repentance.  They only teach grace.  Grace cannot be received without repentance of sin and an acknowledgment of sin and the need for grace.  We can feel guilty of being caught in our sin but not feel guilty for committing that sin.  There is very little teaching concerning the purpose of the law which is to convict us of our sin so that we realize we need a Savior.  The teachers are preaching cheap grace and an empty conversion to a false doctrine.

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