St Elmo’s Fire is a Terrible Movie

I am watching St Elmo’s Fire.  I have never watched this movie before in my life.  This movie was released some time during my junior or senior year of high school.  I sort of remember people making a big deal about the movie but I seriously did not have any interest at all in watching it.  So, on a whim, I decided to watch it.  So far, I am regretting the decision but I am going to stick it out to the end.  I do remember watching the video for the theme song with all the cool parts cut in.  The common theme is they all drink too much.

Rob Lowe’s character is a loser.  I would say he can’t keep a job but the reality is that he won’t keep one.  He does not have any redeeming factors.  He drinks too much.  He sleeps with anyone who jump in bed with him.  He is just that fun guy who was fun to hang with for ten minutes but then you left behind.  He wants to live the college life forever but knows he can’t and he just can’t stop himself from trying.  He also takes advantage of his female friend who is hopelessly in love with him.

Judd Nelson’s character isn’t much better.  The main difference is that he has a job that he shows up to.  He is sleeping around with whomever will jump in bed with him, but is somehow angry with Andy MacArthy’s character for having sex with his now ex-girlfriend.  He has this delusion that marriage will keep him from being a philanderer and be loyal to his wife.  For some dumb reason he seems to be the go-to guy when one of the group is in trouble.

Demi Moore’s character is a coke-head mistress who probably believes her adulterous boyfriend will leave his wife to be with her.  The sad part is that she needs to relationship because she spends too much money.  Not much more that can be said about her because she seemed to be a floosy in college and that hasn’t changed.

Emilio Estevez’s character is an obsessive jerk.  He follows girl who he met at college when he was a freshman and she was a senior.  He essentially stalks her, does a lot of stupid stuff that honestly no one in their right mind would do, like using a rich guy’s house to throw a party for to impress her.  Of course, she doesn’t come, she’s skiing with a boyfriend.  As stalkers are wont to do he drove to the ski cabin to confront her, made a fool of himself but did steal a kiss, and his stalking days were over.  The kiss was all he got.

Andrew MacCarthy’s character is also a loser in a way.  Career wise he is impatient as he waits for his big break as a journalist.  He’s hopelessly in love with Ally Sheedy’s character who believes she is in love with Judd Nelson’s character.  He confesses his love, they have sex, Andrew’s character believes they are in love and she sets him straight as Judd Nelson tries to get back together, finds out about the sex, well.  But at least he stopped writing obituaries.

Ally Sheedy’s character believes she is in love with Judd Nelson’s character.  But deep down she suspects his philandering ways and confronts him on it.  He confesses in a roundabout way but tries to blame her because she won’t marry him.  Her issue is that she is mostly focused on her career as an architect.  In the end she chooses neither and decides to be alone.

And Mare Winningham’s character seems to be the most stable.  She is in love with Rob Lowe’s character and does everything for him.  She allows herself to be used by him as he acts stupid.  She is also trying to get out from under the thumb of her father and be on her own.  In the end, she is doing what she likes to do, helping those less fortunate and living in her own apartment out from under her father’s thumb.  In the end she lets herself be used by Rob Lowe’s character one more time.

Then the end comes and Hollywood scriptwriters come to the rescue.  Demi Moore’s character has a crisis because her world has fallen apart so she tries to commit suicide by freezing to death, creating a unifying event for the whole crew.  Rob Lowe goes to New York after spoiling the virginity of Mare Winningham, The rest stay friends and hang out but not at St Elmo’s Bar any more.  They decide to grow up a little and be adults.

All in all, the movie was boring and typical of 80’s movie fare.  Over the top acting with a predictable script.  I don’t understand how movies like this were actually hits other than the actors were up and coming stars.  I’m glad that I didn’t waste the money to watch it in a theater.

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