spared or not spared

A headline on Christian Post read that a “Christian Woman Survives After Screaming ‘Jesus’ as Muslim Terrorist Stabbed Her Repeatedly”. Apparently she was on one of the buses that Muslim terrorists have been boarding randomly and attacking those on the bus, either with a knife or a gun. She was attacked and while she was being stabbed by one of the terrorists she screamed out the name “Jesus”. She attributes her being alive to this one act. She is convinced that if she had not screamed out the name of Jesus that she would’ve died as a result of the attack.

The question I have is what if she did scream the name “Jesus” but died as a result of the attack. Would this article be posted on the website if that happened? Would the headline read, “Woman Dies During a Terrorist Attack Even Though She Screamed ‘Jesus’ as She was Being Stabbed”? If she had died, would it have been considered a failure on the part of God if He chose not to respond to her cry and save her? Are we now to yell “Jesus” when under random attacks? Would she be considered a martyr if she had died because she was a Christian who was attacked?

Perhaps she was spared just because it was the will of God. Her allotted days had not expired. What about the other people who were injured but not killed, why are they alive? Did her yelling “Jesus” protect them from death, too? If it did then why were they who died, not protected? The implication and what can be inferred from the headline is that anyone can be spared of death if the scream “Jesus” in a moment of certain death.

The disciples asked Jesus about a man who was blind. They wanted to know if the blindness was related to sin, either his or his parents. Jesus answered by asking if the men who died when the scaffolding collapsed at the tower of Siloam, were they worse sinners than others? His point was that people die daily. But just because some person dies in some type of freak accident and other people who were in the same freak accident did not die does not mean that those who did die were worse sinners. We cannot be confused as to why some people die and some don’t when an event occurs that causes an unnatural circumstance for death. We cannot assume that God loved that woman on the bus more than He loved the people who were killed.

The will of God is beyond our understanding. If that woman on the bus wants to believe she was spared because she screamed “Jesus” then that is her prerogative. The question of whether she would be a martyr if she had been killed is really not a question. She was not forced to deny Jesus Christ as her Lord. She was not threatened with death because she was a Christian. She just happened to be where she was as part of her normal routine. We must be careful not to attach meaning to something that does not deserve that type of meaning attached to it.

We are all given a certain number of days to live in this world. We are not given one day more or one day less. We are spared or not spared because that is how God had pre-determined it before we were born.

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