slot machine from heaven


It is late at night. You are sitting on your couch flipping through channels because you can’t fall asleep.  Without realizing it you are locked onto an infomercial that promises some type of return if you buy this book.  It’s like a train wreck, you shouldn’t be watching it but you just tear yourself away from it.  So you watch as this infomercial promises to sell you a book that will provide the information necessary to unlock money from the government, or how to setup a profitable business on ebay, or how to make millions of dollars from the junk in your garage and attic.  For a while you are tempted but then you remember that you borrowed an infomercial book from someone who was foolish enough to buy it and, after reading it, you realized it was three hundred pages of nonsense that you could’ve wrote yourself.

Then that infomercial is over and a televangelist pops onto your screen. Because the infomercial numbed your mind it is unable to send messages through your nerves to your muscles to operate the remote control still in your hand.  You are unable to switched channels so end up watching the televangelist.  He is going on and on about how God does not want you to be poor.  He has made an abundance of promises in the bible that tells you that He has plans for you to prosper.  All you need is to send to the televangelist is a one-time offering of $56.34 and he will send you a book that give you the secret to blessings from God.

Ah, now you are promised the secret to the slot machine from heaven. The book will reveal the secret prayers that stop God’s slot machine on whatever combination you desire.  If you want a car then it will stop on the car you want.  The profit prophet will sell give to you the secrets he has uncovered in the bible, the combinations of prayers and declarations and name it and claim it techniques that he used to acquire millions.  The profit (sorry) prophet will sell (sorry again) give to the secrets he discovered.  Now you are thinking, “I’m a Christian, I deserve the blessings from God’s slot machine of heavenly goodies!”

So as you are stewing because you now have a sense of entitlement, that you should demand something from God and that He should give it to you because of you go to church almost every Sunday. As you are searching for your phone a thought comes to your head.  And you start to think about what the profit said in his program.  As you are thinking you realize his secret is not found in the book he huckstering, the secret is the whole show itself.  The secret to his millions is the show and getting suckers to buy his book that won’t be good for anything except for collecting dust or balancing that wobbly table.  That is how he gets his money.

As you contemplate this insight you are reminded that God is not a God who can be manipulated into fulfilling your wishes. He is a God who can command worship from the very stones He created.  He is the God who created everything seen and unseen and we are to submit to His will, not connive to get Him to submit to ours.


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