Single and pregnant

I recently read an article that somebody reposted to their Facebook page. The repost was an article from a Christian pregnancy center. They talked about how young women who become pregnant while not married and how people gossip about them, judge them and condemn the young woman for what happened. Now the woman feels ashamed because she is pregnant and everyone can see. She wants to hide and does not want to go back to the church they probable have been going to their whole life.

Now it is wrong what the people said and I commend this pregnancy crisis center for taking them in. They treat the women with dignity and are excited about the pregnancy. They make the person feel good about the pregnancy and help them forget the condemnation they felt from the people they know. It is something good the work they are doing.

What I have a problem with is what appears to be a complete dismissal of the evident sin. This young woman, along with a man, had sex and they were not married. How is that not sin? Does the baby in the womb erase the sinful act that caused the pregnancy? I can’t read anywhere in the bible where fornication is acceptable if it results in a pregnancy. The pregnancy center compared the pregnancy of Mary, the mother of the Jesus, to that of a pregnant single woman who visits their center. They are not the same.

The article used the pregnancy of Mary as an example. The article said that Mary was accepted, not condemned, by her relative Elizabeth when she went to visit her. Elizabeth rejoiced over Mary’s pregnancy. Why? Because Elizabeth knew that Mary had a pregnancy that would only happen once in the entire history of man. She was pregnant with the Savior of all mankind. She had to be single, and a virgin. Joseph was going to put her away quietly until Gabriel appeared to reassure him of the nature of Mary’s pregnancy. The pregnancy of Mary was not a result of Mary sleeping with another man. Jesus was conceived via the Holy Spirit. To compare the two is simply misleading and wrong.

It is unfortunate that a young woman becomes pregnant and we call it a mistake. But make no mistake that the act that led to the pregnancy was no mistake, it was a sin and that is how God would see it, and repentance. Does that mean I condemn the baby? Not at all. All pregnancies are precious but we cannot excuse the sin. A baby out of wedlock does not justify and make right the act of fornication, which Jesus does condemn.

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