Sin is Sin, no matter the context

Recently a lot of people in my life, people I know well and those who are on the fringe, have lived in a way in direct contradiction to how the bible says we should live.  These are people who attend church and profess to love God, and yet are very casual about what is going on in their sex life in relation to what God says about sexual relations.  This may not seem serious and that I may be making something bigger than it has to be, but this is serious to God and He takes His statutes very seriously, His Holiness mandates this.  Should we be any less serious?

Someone got pregnant out of wedlock and wants to have her babies dedicated in a church.  The father, who is married but is in a strange kind of situation, really wants nothing to do with the them.  I cannot in a clear conscience be okay with the dedication of the result of the relationship because she does not see that she has sinned.  This is the area where we have now had the most problems in the church, sex outside of the context of marriage.  We have morphed our view of sex with that of the secular society.  We have adopted the motto of the world, “Sex is sex, it’s only natural”.  It is only right if the couple involved are married, husband and wife, man and woman.

A man and woman got married last summer.  They have been together for at least six years.  I only know this because they had a six year old daughter but they just decided to get married last summer.  Meanwhile, they have been going to church regularly while living together and the pastor seemed to fine with it.  I am having a difficult time understanding the whole situation, and they are not the only couple I know who have gone through this.   I have fornicated too many times and it still bothers me everyday and I feel like I should repent again everyday.

We know that stealing, cheating, murder, deceit, and other sins are sins, but we refuse to grasp the idea that gossip and fornication are sins too.  And we must purge our minds of the idea that sex and talking about someone’s problems are acceptable.  Judgment begins with the church, not judgmentalism.  We must rightly judge members of the church body so that we do not let the infection of sin fester and destroy the body of the church.  I am not perfect, no where close, and I am reminded of my weakness every single day, but I know that my sin is wrong in light of the word of God and it is time that the those who claim to know Jesus see their sin as sin, and to stop making excuses.

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