Seeker-driven culture, An Introduction

About a year ago I left a growing church in the town I currently reside. The church had just moved into a new building that used to be a jewelry manufacturing facility. The previous occupant actually stored gold bullion for the government. The three massive safes were still intact because it would be too expensive to remove them, but that is useless information that probably knocked something useful out of your active memory. I apologize.
This church is on its way to becoming a megachurch. When I left with my family they were approaching an average weekend attendance of 2,000 in three services. At the end of last year, they added two satellite sites, not church plants. They used everything a contemporary seeker-driven church uses to attract a crowd: loud rock concert worship music, laser light show and smoke machine, dark auditorium, hip young pastor, messages that were half stand-up comedy routine and life lessons with references to the bible, and lots of small groups. It was becoming the place to be if you wanted to be a part of something dynamic.
I plan on doing a series that will relate my three-year experience (get it? I am using their terminology) within the church. I got to know the a few of the elders and had minimal contact with the pastor. There are a lot things that are wrong with the seeker-driven format that I want to explore on my blog page. I believe it is important because what the structure was and the atmosphere they tried to create is endemic to all such churches. The search for relevancy to the culture, to claim to be different than your parents’ church, has really created a model that has become mostly redundant.
This is an introduction into the series I will do. This is a firsthand experience I am sharing. Although I did not become part of the leadership team I was a small group leader and I did have some interaction with the elders, both positive and mostly negative.

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