Ridiculous historical events

I was just reading a list of events that happened on every day of the year.  The one I read for September 3rd was an interesting factoid.  Apparently, the British Empire adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752.  In order to compensate for the discrepancy of days between the Gregorian and the Julian calendar developed by Julius Caesar.  There was a discrepancy of 11 days between the two calendars so the British government just canceled or didn’t count the days from September 3rd to September 13th.  This was done in order to make the switch to the Gregorian calendar.

Well, the British citizens didn’t like what happened.  They complained that the government had just taken 11 days from their lives and they would not be able to get them back.  They were so upset that they rioted in the streets in protest to the switch.

Talk about having nothing else to do.

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