Pig in a wedding gown

Hillsong NYC, and all of Hillsong church, is the center of controversy about a gay couple who were active members and leaders in their church. One was a choir director and member of the worship team and the other sang in the choir, and he held small group meetings in his apartment. Another pastor brought to light that Hillsong NYC was allowing these two to have an active role as leaders while being open about their same-sex relationship. The two men claim that church leaders were aware of the relationship and apparently did not make any change to their status to their leadership roles, allowing them to continue. The lead pastor, Brian Houston, and other staff have released a statement that they were just made aware of it and have addressed the gay men’s leader status.

This was brought to light by a blog of another pastor. The two men responded to his blog in the usual LGBT manner: the man was ignorant and out of touch and doesn’t understand the journey we are on and how we trying to discover where we fit into the Christian community, and so on and so forth. What they are saying, and those who are likeminded, that the bible should be defined and interpreted based on contemporary culture trends, not on something written in the context of 2,000 years ago.

The author of the blog, Geoffrey Grider, was absolutely right to call out Hillsong NYC. No church can have anyone actively engaged in any sinful lifestyle hold a leadership role. I don’t mean to say that someone who used to be a fornicator or an adulterer or murderer or thief or whatever sin they did and has since repented with a contrite heart cannot be a leader. If that were the case then we would have leaderless churches. There are plenty of pastors who have been caught in an adulterous relationship and have stepped down from behind the pulpit as a result. The two men in question are in a homosexual relationship are unrepentant and do not see their sin as sin. They are identifying with the culture not the teachings of scripture.

I would rather be on the wrong side of any issue that agrees with what secular culture preaches. It would not matter to me what they called me. In the whole history of mankind there are two constants: the holiness of the Father and man’s rebellion into sin. When we don’t repent before the Father we try to redefine His holiness so it fits our ideals. God will not fit into any box for the universe is His domain.

These two men and the people in the church community can say the right things to say to the secular world so as not to offend but the truth will always offend. You can dress a pig in wedding gown but it still is a pig. We can explain away our sin but saying everyone is doing it or is ok with it or however we want to justify it, it is still a sin in the eyes of God.

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