Paralyzing thoughts

I am sitting here looking at the blank space where my blog is supposed to go.  During the day I have a thousand ideas as to what to write about.  Then I sit down and my mind goes blank.  I cannot grasp onto any of the thoughts I had racing through my mind up to that point when I open the page to blog.  Why are our brains so fickle at times?  We get into our own heads sometimes and we end becoming paralyzed because we are unable to initiate motion.

I have an ongoing issue at the moment.  I worry about the time when I am in the moment will I fail miserably.  I worry so much that I end up failing because I have psyched myself out.  It does not happen all the time but often enough that it is incredibly frustrating.  I know that some of you experience the same situation.  This is aggravating beyond belief.

Now, this blog does not really have a point.  I am more or less venting a frustration of mine.  I just wish there was a way to get around it.  I mean, we all have stage fright.  The most common fear of most people is giving a speech in public, in any forum.  I am not too bad when speaking in front of people.  I don’t know.  Just a random thought today.

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