I have heard some national teachers teaching some strange, umm, teachings.  They begin their teaching sessions by stating things like “the Holy Spirit spoke to me” and “I had a dream in which God gave me a revelation about such and such” or “I am going to teach you how to listen to the voice of God” or other such nonsense.  This brings on two really big problems that can be devastating to an individual believer, and undermine the church body and the bring shame to the name of their alleged Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

What if I was a new Christian and I heard one of these teachings.  Now I am sitting in a room in my house or apartment and I am waiting for the Spirit to speak to me.  I am doing everything they suggest.  I am setting the proper atmosphere and I am quieting my mind and my emotions.  I am setting aside a period of time each day to practice this teaching I heard.  It has been a weeks since I have started this practice and I have not heard anything, any small voice speak softly in my heart instructing me on anything or giving me special revelation.  In frustration I listen to other “teachers” and try their techniques and get no results.  I must come to the conclusion that I am either not saved or that I am just not selected to hear the voice of God directly.  I end up giving up on Christ or I make up an experience, or worse, I open myself up to a demonic influence and mistake it to be the voice of the Spirit.

The other scenario is that I hear this teaching and I abuse it.  I explore a life of sinful pleasure under the guise of evangelism.  I go to sex parties, or crack houses, or get hammered at bars, or any other sin that I find pleasure in, talk about Jesus to someone, and justify to myself that I perfectly fine doing the sin I am doing because I spoke about Jesus.  Then when questioned about my behavior I can just claim that God hasn’t told me to stop so I will keep doing it until I hear the voice of God directly telling me to stop.  I find no authority in the bible, only the audible voice of God telling me to stop, and that is the only way I will stop.  I have not heard it yet so I am going to continue indulging my sin and call it witnessing out of weakness.

The voice of God is only heard through reading of His word, the bible.  He has spoken and given to us all the instruction we need to conduct our lives.  We will make and use any excuse we can to justify our sin and pursue the desires of the flesh.  As it is written, God is not mocked.  He will not allow abuse of His name to continue without judgment.  I pray that this abuse and outright mockery of His righteous decrees will cease and people will repent of this false teaching.

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