Meant to be workers of the land

There are so many dire reports about the amount of people who are overweight in this country. We here opinions every day about how we should stop eating red meat, or how we should stop eating glutens, or how we should limit the amount of starchy food we eat, and fried foods, and so on and so forth. There are so many experts telling us their way is the right way and that other experts are not as informed as they are. To go along with the food restriction suggestions are a myriad of exercise regimens we can do. We can Zumba, cardio-box, spin, p90x, extreme fitness, and anything else one can think of that can be turned into a 30 to 45 minute exercise DVD for your viewing pleasure. And don’t forget all the in-home exercise machines and contraptions you can hang on your doors or chairs or windows or bannister or where an extra-thick rubber band can be attached. There are so many people telling us how to fix our obesity without really thinking of why are we prone to obesity in the first place?

In the garden, even before the fall of Adam and Eve, the only responsibility for Adam was to be a caretaker of the garden that God had created. That’s it, and to eat the fruit of any tree he wanted except for the one of The Knowledge of Good and Evil. Pretty simple task but we know that he failed, and we failed. So now he was told that he was produce his food from the ground by the sweat of his brow, toiling with the earth to plant and harvest his crops and raise animals for food. It would be hard work requiring a lot of calories to create the energy we would need to complete our work. It would seem that we were meant to be people who labored in a field, physically working to feed our families. And it seems that, if we were working with that much physical labor then we would not need to worry too much about what we ate.

We were not meant to sit in buildings, at a desk, eating crappy food with the only exercise we get is when we need to walk from our cubicle to the bathroom, a meeting, or to get more food. The reason why we have some many places for fitness is because, guess what, our bodies were meant to endure some type of physical exertion on a daily basis. We wouldn’t need special diets and fitness centers if we were doing what God had designed us to do, and that was to labor for our food. We would have to moderate and balance what we do eat but how many calories or red meat or glutens would not matter because we would burn it off anyway. This is why we are fighting obesity. I understand the artificial sugars don’t help matters but would they even be an issue if we had more people living off what they could grow on their own? This is why I think that one of the reasons why God had meant for us to be laborers and not couch potatoes is so we wouldn’t need to worry about what we were eating. The other reason I will share another time.

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