May 29, 2015

We just bought an older house.  It is a little over a hundred years old.  It has all the charm and character of an old house.  It has a lot detail and characteristics that an old house would have.  The eaves are not just simple flat boards painted white.  They have crown molding and nice supports that accent the molding beautifully.  Some of the original doors are intact, nice, heavy doors made of solid wood.  High ceilings in some rooms, a fireplace with a gorgeous mantle and a late addition sunroom that is a nice place to sit and relax.  The one minor change we made was that we opened up the kitchen and the dining room.  In order to get some of the detail in a new construction you have to pay a lot more.

Then the aspects of having old home that are not as charming start to appear.  The furnace crapped the bed and had to be replaced.  Some rough spot on the outside that needed to be addressed due to neglect.  A sewer pipe that a tree has found as a source of food.  A lot of small little things that add up to a lot of money.  Pretty soon, you find yourself wishing you had bought that new construction that had what new construction is supposed to have, fewer headaches and fewer worries.  You don’t care about the charm anymore and you don’t want to pay another dime.

The problem is, unless you have a lot of time and a lot of money and a lot of patience, the old house will continue to present problems that will always need to be addressed.  That is the problem with old houses, and the old self.  Once we become sons and daughters of the living God we have a new Tennant in our old self.  It is the Tennant that finds all the hidden problems and other weaknesses that keeps the old house rundown and wants to continue to hide issues that seek to destroy the home.  The Tennant wants to expose these problems so they can be dealt with and repaired.

A new home is coming.  One of which no human hand could match in beauty and wonder.  Let the Tennant do His job and allow Him to find the hidden rot.  One day, you will be rewarded with a home of new construction with a heavenly master’s touch.

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