May 28, 2015

All Christians are hypocrites.  Somehow, Christians have become the only “segment” of society that are capable of being hypocrites.  It seems that when any other group or segment appear to be hypocritical about something the response is that those who question are misinterpreting the situation or the context.  It is only Christians who are capable of hypocrisy.  It seems that we, as Christians, claim to be in constant contact with our Creator and we are a new person in Christ then we are now to be perfect.  Unfortunately for Christians, perfection will not come while we occupy this body of flesh.

We are all hypocrites, Christians and non-Christians alike.  I once had a conversation with a person who had a problem with Christians, and that was one thing that he threw at me, all Christians are hypocrites.  Exasperated, I shot back that we are all hypocrites about something.  Now, he and his friend were hippies in the 90’s.  They followed The Grateful Dead and Phish.  They made fun of another person who like the metal bands on the radio and went to their concerts.  They were worse than he was.  They would go to Phish concerts, keep a log book of the songs they played during their sets and talk about the variations they played of individual songs.  It would be considered pathetic by their own standards.  Eventually, he came back and said I was right about everyone being hypocrites.

Essentially, non-Christians know that Christians have something special.  Most, instead of seeking to experience the joy of being one with Christ they attack what they do not understand.  Beyond that, they do not care to understand.  They only care to seek destruction on what makes Christians different.  Being hypocritical while doing it is immaterial.


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