May 27, 2015

I suppose there is a question we should be asking.  This is an important question because it could change the way we live out our lives as Christians in an increasingly hostile world towards Christians.  I had watched a documentary on human trafficking and it eye-opening to say the least.  Some of those interviewed were former prostitutes who were involved in the business of selling their bodies for twenty or more years.  What struck me most was not how the traffickers worked but the transformation of the redeemed women.  They had found peace in the saving power of Christ, but what they had really found was forgiveness.

Most of us know we are forgiven and understand that forgiveness is given to us and available to us.  We understand that the Father has forgiven us through His Son when He put on the cross by our sins.  We are forgiven because Jesus died for us and received what we deserved for our sins.  We are forgiven.  For some of us, the feeling of forgiveness fails to penetrate through the layers of guilt we have used as a wall around our hearts and souls.  We seem unwilling and are unable to allow the forgiveness of Christ to penetrate through the walls of guilt so we can fully receive His mercy.

The woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and dried His feet with her hair, she felt and embraced Christ’s forgiveness.  The women and men in that video knew and felt Christ’s forgiveness.  The difference between them and us is that there deepest and darkest sins were close to the surface.  One merely had see them on the street to know what they were involved with and what they did for a living.  Their sin was their life.   Most of the rest of us bury our sin, our darkest thoughts and acts, and hope that no one sees them, and we keep them buried instead of verbally confessing them before our fellow brothers and sisters.  When I say verbally I mean out loud.  Sin remains buried when sin is not revealed, and forgiveness cannot be felt and truly understood until sin has been confessed and revealed.

We should seek to feel the forgiveness of Christ deep in our souls, and we will not understand real joy until we feel real forgiveness.

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