March 9, 2015

I have heard a lot of people talking about simplifying their Christian walk.  They want to get back to the basics of their understanding of Jesus, His work on the cross, the redemption of His creation and His resurrection, simplify everything again.  Some people have longed to go back to the child-like faith they had at the beginning of their walk with Christ.  And while they say these things they include in their monologue that reading up on the deeper things of the bible, the doctrines of orthodoxy carried down through the history of the church, has somehow got in the way or sidetracked them from their own personal history with Christ.

Now Paul warns us about the pitfalls of knowledge.  He tells the Corinthians that the possession of knowledge can lead to pride, knowledge puffs up.  This means that some people do become arrogant or act superior when they acquire knowledge.  I think it is fairly evident in academia.  When professors profess their views on political topics outside of their realm of expertise they tend to do it by leaning on their learning, meaning because they have acquired a bit of knowledge that their opinion on most topics is always a well-informed opinion.  In the end it is just an opinion not any better or more informed than the plumber who just fixed your clogged sink.  Extended learning, even about the bible and theology, can bring on its own aspect of arrogance.

How do people lose their child-like faith?  Is it possible to maintain a simple faith in Christ and continue to grow in our knowledge of Him and His word?  Can we remain child-like in our faith and increase in knowledge of the Almighty?  I believe it is possible.  What usually gets in the way is us, our pride in our increasing knowledge of the doctrines, and how we much more spiritual we are because of it.  But we can do it, remain like a child in our faith in Christ.  When we renew our minds daily, as Paul tells us in Romans 12, in the love of our Savior, increase our love for the knowledge of Him, we can maintain our child-like faith.

We are to move on from the milk of babes.  We are not to remain on simple teachings and simple understandings of our Lord and Savior.  Paul and the writer of Hebrews rebuke people such as these in their letters.  Our increasing understanding of the Holy things of God, where we stand in light of Holiness, the humility that comes with the recognition that we should be sufferers of His wrath but we are victims of His love and mercy instead, that we repented and should continue to repent before His Holiness, that He condescended to our level of understanding so we can know Him, will keep our faith pure and simple.

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