March 6, 2015

I have done some research on taste bud.  Of all the articles, not one differentiated from my original guess.  Taste buds are only used for differentiating different flavors, textures and tastes.  There is no other purpose for the approximately 2000 taste buds that are in our mouths.  These determine the flavor of the food we eat and send messages to the brain to inform us what type of flavors we need, and whether we like it or not.  If you like spicy or sour or sweet or salty, your taste buds send the message for you to say “yummy” or spit it out and seek fluid to rinse out your mouth.

So, why would the impersonal evolutionary force develop taste buds?  I don’t know how it would make any logical sense, nevermind scientific sense.  What does make sense is that we have taste buds because God wanted us to enjoy the food He created.  In Genesis, He created trees with fruit and seeds that will reproduce unto its own kind.  Everything our Father created in the universe was done to stimulate our five senses.  He could have made everything without any flavor and left us without any taste buds.  He could have made just simple food with no variety in appearance, smell, texture or taste.  But He didn’t.  He made everything so we can enjoy His creation but enjoy Him through His creation.

He has made all things “Good” because He is good.  Our taste buds are there so we can “taste, and see that the Lord is good.”  The earth may not be as He has created it because our sin has corrupted it but it is still amazing.  Imagine what it must have looked, smelled, tasted, felt and sounded like to Adam and Eve before the apple incident.  So taste buds were a part of His master plan to worship and enjoy Him forever.  He created the earth with all its wonder and stimulation for the senses, and then placed us right smack in the middle of it.

So use your senses and enjoy the tastes, sights and sounds that God has given us.  It is what He wanted.  He enjoys it when we enjoy Him through His creation.

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