March 5, 2015

We are wandering around a forest, looking for a place of refuge.  Some of us have been snared in a trap of sin.  Some of us have fallen into pit of addiction.  Some of us have been chasing the white tailed deer of success.  Some us have found various cottages made of gingerbread but decorated with different types of candy.  All of the cottages offer a religion of spiritual fulfillment and an entry into heaven but the backdoor leads to the goat’s pen and the lake of fire.  Sometimes we jump from pit to snare to several cottages and always feel unsatisfied.  We are all wandering around lost but convinced we will find the right path to heaven on our own.

There is only one path to heaven, one path that leads to the glassy sea.  It is not a path we search for and it is not a path we can find on our own.  It is a path that we must be led to and a path we need to be shown.  We cannot see this path and we often wander past it on our way to “better” things.  The Spirit leads to one who was shown the path before and knows how to find it because they have stayed on it.  Some have wandered off the path, to be sure, but the Maker of the path always leaves a trail of the Bread of Life to lead them back.  But there is only one person who can keep us on the path and He was and is the Maker of the path.  That person is Jesus Christ.  His followers are the people who can show others the path but He is the One who leads along to His kingdom.

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