March 4, 2015

I think most have read the sacrificial requirements for animals in the Old Testament.  There was the sin offering, peace offering, guilt offering, dedication offering for a male child, atonement, and others I can’t recall.  They all had the same animal requirements, a male one year old without any blemish.  Some of the offerings and sacrifices required two for different purposes.  I am not an expert in all the aspects of the Levitical law but I do understand the significance of the detailed requirements set forth by God to Moses.

It is easy to understand why the animal sacrificed to God has to be without blemish.  He is a perfect and holy God and the animals sacrificed to Him should be the best of the best.  And why the fat of the animals had to be used as part of the burnt offering is understandable.  It is the fat the gives the pleasing aroma and adds the flavor to the meat while it is cooking.  It wasn’t until recently that I understood the importance of the animals being a year old.  The meat of the animal is at its peak flavor at that age.  As it gets older the meat gets tougher and it is not as good to eat.  He wants the best animal at the best time for the consumption of the animal’s meat.

The implications and the lessons from this are limitless.  God wants and deserves the very best from us, and we are obligated and should be grateful to give it all to Him.  One thing that strikes me is why Jesus said we need faith like a child and how it falls in line with the Levitical sacrifices.  When our faith remains like that of a child we do not get tough and sinewy.  Our lives remain fresh because our lives are to be living sacrifices.  The meat and fat of our prayers, our burnt offering to God, will always be a pleasing aroma to the Father.  A young child is always trusting in his parent’s good provision, and willing to follow where they are led.

God deserves our best.  God demands our best.  We are to give Him our best.  Israel was most in trouble for chasing after other God’s and giving their best to them.  Or they would save the best animals of their flock for themselves and give to God for a sacrifice those animals that were lame or blemished.  I believe that I do not prosper spiritually as I should, and perhaps the church in the U.S. in general, because I haven’t always given God my best as He deserves.  I love my Lord and I hope He enables me to strive to always give Him my best.

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