March 21, 2015

Since we are in an indefensible position in regards to our sin, God provided an Advocate for us.  We are found guilty before God.  We have violated His Holiness.  We have trampled on His gifts of choice and freewill.  We have wandered away, some to live as they wish and determined not to let God interfere, and some determined to earn their way back to Eden.  We have invented gods more like us so that they would be more understanding when we did something.  We made up silly ceremonies and sacrifices for these gods that mocked what God had established for us so we can remember His Holiness and that we have sinned against Him.   We were doomed because we found wanting in the scales of God’s justice.

But the Father had foreseen this.  He knew we would be hopelessly shackled in our sin, unable to defend our position against Him, desperate for someone to plead before Him on our behalf.  So He sent His Son, His only begotten Son, to be that someone.  Jesus was nailed to the cross, subjected to His Father’s wrath and judgment, our sins were buried with Him, and His Father raised Him from the dead and returned Him to the Glory He had before He was born.

Jesus has become the advocate we desperately needed.  He is before His Father, pleading for us that what accomplished on the cross has been paid for and our sins are to be remembered no more.  His righteousness has become our righteousness in His Father eyes, and we are guilty no more.

Praise God for Jesus our Advocate and provider of grace for our indefensible sin.

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