March 20, 2015

I sat in the seat at the church listening to the prayer of the pastor.  As he prayed and I agreed with in my seat, he thanked God for His blessings and His grace and all the things He does for us because He is generous to us.  The Pastor then prayed for those who were having health issues and for the Father’s healing blessing on them.  We all need prayer and we always need to remember God’s grace to us, patience with us and generosity towards us.  We need to remember His presence in our daily lives.

I began to consider the words of the Pastor’s prayer.  A thought struck me in that we usually pray for people who are down in their lives, either because of health reasons or related to job situations.  These are always things we need to lift up in prayer but what about those He is blessing?  What about those that God is in the process of blessing and answering their prayers?  There are always some who are being blessed and God seems to be moving in their lives, and there are some who are in pain or are in need of better circumstances, but it is usually the latter whom are remembered in prayer.

Our God is a God who helps but He is also a God who is always in the process of helping and blessing.  He is aware of those who need His blessing but He is always blessing someone.  I could be the one in need of a touch from God while the person in front of me is in the middle of a blessing from God.  Although we are in a fallen world that causes us to be in nearly constant need but there are also those who needs are being met beyond what they expected.  We need to remember God’s providence in His ability to bless and in His active blessing.

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