March 19, 2015

Hollywood has several occurring themes in some of their storylines.  One is the prostitute with the heart of gold.  She sells herself reluctantly so she can get by in this life.  Then she runs into some down-on-his-luck guy and helps him return to the man he was, or sometimes better.  Often they end up in a better situation than where had started.  The heart-of-gold prostitute and the broken man ride off into the sunset.  The other storyline that is portrayed is the criminal with a conscience.  This storyline is basically the same as the first except it’s a criminal who helps a helpless person, usually a woman.

The idea of these storylines is to show that mankind is basically good in their nature.  We are able to do good deeds and help others with our own ability.  We all route for these characters, even Christians at times, because deep down we want to believe we are capable of good deeds outside of the will of God.  We want to believe we are not the evil self-centered sinner portrayed by the bible.  We want to believe our good deeds will tip the balance in our day of judgment. Sadly this is a delusional scene that will play out before the Judgment Seat of Christ.

All of our actions of good deeds are still influenced by the Law of God.  He has written His Law on our hearts and this is what compels the unrepentant to do good deeds.  The Father has placed a conscience, His conscience, inside of all mankind.  C.S. Lewis points to this in Mere Christianity where he states there is an underlying understood rule of mankind that dictates there is a fair way to conduct our affairs.  We have a sense of fairness and are offended when someone else does not adhere to it.  This is the influence of the Law of God written on our hearts.

Mankind is inherently incapable of choosing to do good on their own.  If we were not influenced by the common grace and mercy of God and the Law written on our hearts, then we would choose to do all that satisfies us and our needs.  The “me first” attitude that is prevalent in our society, all of society including the church, would be destructive.  The “wars and rumors of wars, famines, floods and pestilence” that plagues us now would be immeasurably worse, even worse than the days before the Flood.

We are guilty of sin.  We had and still have need of a Redeemer.  Praise God and Jesus our Lord and Savior for standing in our place, for bearing the wrath of His Father, for enduring the separation from His Father, and rising from the dead so we can be victorious.  I am undone before because I belittle this act of sacrificial love by the way I live my life.  May my heart change from stone and be replaced by one of flesh provided by the Father.

Hollywood could never produce a film that duplicates the majestic beauty and perfect ending God has written since before the creation of the world.

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