March 15, 2015

I was reading in Matthew about the Pharisees questioning Jesus about the disciples washing their hands before eating.  The Pharisees contention was the disciples were breaking the tradition of the elders.  Jesus rebuked them for breaking the commandment of God concerning the honoring of our parents and taking care of them when they are old.  Then Jesus cites Isaiah as a prophetic statement about the Pharisees, teaching as doctrine the traditions of men.  My mind almost immediately went to the modern debate of the correct style of music to be played in the worship service.

The operative word is worship.  The problem with men is we have to be right.  Our way of worship through music is the only right way.  Hymns or Psalms (Reformed Presbyterian) are the only acceptable styles.  I got to wondering if Chris Tomlin or Hillsong or any other current praise song composers were to play their music for King David, would he reject it simply because it was not his style of music?  I believe he would pick his lyre and begin to learn the music so he could join in the worship.

Worship is really intended for God to interpret, not us.  Worship is determined from the condition of one’s heart, not from music or church denomination non-essential traditions or English bible translation.  Our whole purpose through our worship is to honor God.  Sometimes that means it could be somber as we reflect on His omnipotence and holiness.  Sometimes it could be simple and easy as we reflect on His goodness and righteousness.  Sometimes it could be incredibly joyful as we reflect on His mercy and grace because of His redemption of us from His judgment.  It can structured or spontaneous (within reason.  I am still cynical about some, not all, people saying things in church as a way of saying, “look at me!”  I am asking the Spirit to enable me to determine who is genuine and who is not.).

All worship is because we love Him and because of His love for us.

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