March 14, 2015

From the very beginning God has lowered Himself in order to have a relationship.  In the garden Adam was created.  He had one obligation and that was to care for the garden and all that was in it.  And during that time he and Eve cared for the garden Jesus would come in His pre-incarnate form and spend time with them.  God came down to His creation in the form of person created in His image to communicate to us.  It seems from the beginning we did not seek Him out, He sought us out.  So God initiated and sustained the relationship between Him and man.

We are not sure how long this happened before Adam sinned.  I would venture that it went on for more than a few days.  The text in Genesis indicates this because when Adam hid, he hid at “the sound of the Lord walking in the garden in the cool of the day.”  That implies that the Lord had walked with Adam and Eve more than once.  And it’s probably the same conversation we would have with our kids, “How was your day?  What part of the garden did you take care of today?” that sort of thing.  He came because He enjoyed talking to His created son.  And then Adam sinned.

So now we could not talk to God anymore.  We could not find Him, even if we were looking for Him.  But He never stopped communicating to us.  He did not remain distant and aloof.  Even though we continued to move away and rebel, He continued to reach out.  Different eras of time, dispensations, God has tolerated man’s disobedience, giving man instruction and direction, and we have always turned away and chased after sin.  Time and time again He sent people called by Him to speak His words but they were mocked, beaten, jailed and killed.  Ultimately, we only proved our hopelessness and stubbornness.

So finally God the Father sent His Son, the Word incarnate.  He had the authority of God but condescended to the limitations of being a human, His creation.  He sent His Son who, through His death and resurrection, restored that relationship that Adam destroyed for all eternity.  God had once again initiated contact and provided the line of communication directly to Him.  No more sacrifices.  No more priests.  No more rituals.  No more dos and don’ts.  No more human traditions that dictated how to be one with God.  He had annihilated them all so we could become the new priesthood, the children of God.

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