March 12, 2015

I watched a movie about sex trafficking.  The scope of the movie went to the most prolific parts of the world involved in that despicable business, and the different types of trafficking.  There’s kidnapping, poverty, sold by parents, legalized, women affected by child abuse, and false dreams of the glamor.  It is a terrible sore on the human society that is festering before us.  And it seems the people who are involved in the stopping of this business are trying to put a bandage strip on a gaping, gangrenous wound that has cut deep to the bone.  And it is a horrible thing that I had helped perpetuate at one time in my life.

But what stood out was the testimony of two of the women interviewed in the movie.  They had been in prostitution from very early on in their lives.  They had been beaten, raped, cut, robbed, and probably left for dead.  The mental abuse, from the constant selling of their bodies to the verbal lashings of their pimps, left them with no self-worth or self-esteem.  If asked they would have answered that they believed they were beyond any hope of improving their situation and that in order for them to leave the business it would be because they were dead.  They could not see the light at the end of the tunnel because they had no hope of finding the tunnel in the first place.

Then they met Jesus.  He came to them personally in vision.  He talked to them.  He wiped their tears away.  He showed compassion.  He spoke words that were not empty because the words carried hope and a fulfillment of a promise.  He let them know that their lives were worth His, and that they could find their worth in Him.  He is the bringer of hope and the One who delivers on His promise.  He brought them from their lowly station and used them for His purpose and glory.

But I got to thinking.  Why a vision of a personal encounter with the Living Son of God?  I do not believe I have had one because that would be something no one would forget.  I believe Jesus met them in a vision because that is what they needed.  It was more than that He had a higher purpose for them.  They had been looked at as a commodity, not a person, and Jesus showed them He sees them as lovable.  The only worth they knew was what they charged for turning tricks.  Jesus showed them how much more they were worth to Him.  They needed a personal encounter with the Living Savior, to see Him in a vision, because only His strong hand could lift them out of the pit of despair they had been in.

Oh how our God loves us.

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