March 11, 2015

So, I am at work and a song pops in my head.  It is an anthem, more or less, of the free love and hippie movement.  Those old enough know the song, “Love the One You’re With”.  So I had to peruse the lyrics to read them because I only knew the chorus off the top of my head.  The suggestion in the lyrics about easy love and how it is okay to sleep with the girl (or boy) next to you because your normal partner is not around, sounds logical and inviting.  I suppose the lyrics cold have really been “If the one you usually have sex with is not around then have sex with the one closest to you.  In the end it doesn’t matter who it is, free love, man.”  It’s not as catchy as the original but it is the real message of the song.

But love is not free.  There are several things that were attacked by that notion of “free sex” but what is pertinent is that sex comes with a price, and to misinterpret it to mean love carries a heavy price tag.  God intended sex to be the final step in the consummation of a relationship between a man and woman because it is so intimate.  When sex is performed outside the context of marriage our whole body is affected but a small part is given away and a small part is received.  An exchange that is more than body fluids happens on a spiritual level, even with prostitutes.  We know that something happens we just can’t put our finger on it but our subconscious stores it away.

Think about those involved in the “sexual revolution”.  They are so angry and bitter, and if they are not angry and bitter then they are lonely and depressed.  Every disagreement becomes a personal attack against them.  They lash out.  They have so much guilt inside from all the free sex but they do not realize it.  They are determined to be right and will ignore the source of their bitterness and anger.  The law of God is written on their hearts and the guilt their subconscious has been storing up from all the sexual partners weighs heavy on them.  Is it any coincidence that the escape into drugs coincides with all this?  It does not matter how strong a façade is put up the fragility of the person behind the façade is still evident because of the guilt.

This is what they cannot put their finger on.  The nagging feeling that they did something or offended someone but cannot figure it out, or some do but are so stubborn and arrogant they refuse to acknowledge it.  They have offended God and His purpose of sex and the true demonstration of love through His Son but they want nothing to do with it.  What is ironic is that the true love that comes from Jesus is free to us but cost Him His life.  And when we embrace that love it will cost us, too, because we will die to ourselves to serve Him.  And the man and woman who share their love of Christ will have the most fulfilling sex life as God intended from the beginning.

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