March 1, 2015

We all have weaknesses.  We all have areas in our life that we struggle with more than any other.  There seems to be a unofficial list that denotes the hierarchy of these sins that people succumb to time after time.  We treat some people with certain weakness, like pornography or lust, differently than people who struggle with anger or gossip.  (As an aside, I bet a majority of us struggle with gossiping.  We like to hear juicy details of someone’s life through secondary sources.)  I would say that an addiction to porn or drugs seems  to be the highest on the list because they demonstrate a tangible weakness, almost pathetic.  Whereas anger, gossip, greed, and others are dismissed as negative personality traits.

But what usually happens is that we judge people, subconsciously, in regards to their sin.  We compare what we struggle with to what so and so is having problems with so that we can feel good about ourselves.  We like to feel superior to one because our weakness is lower on the list than that other person.  In a marriage it is almost impossible for that weakness not be used as a weapon for mass destruction on the other spouse’s psyche.  In the end we all carry scars and fresh wounds from our weakness and the healing salve that should come from our brothers and sisters in Christ, through Christ, is substituted with salt.

What marks a mature Christian and church is the acknowledgement that we are all sinners before God.  In His eyes worrying obsessively is just as wrong as lust and fornication.  We are all sinners who fall short of God’s standard and who will never be perfect as we project to be.  Love your neighbor as yourself isn’t a suggestion but a command.  The tricky part is not loving your neighbor face-to-face but showing that love when they have walked away and someone asks you what you were talking about, and not revealing a sin discussed in trust.


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