June 26, 2015

We were with our small group that we meet with.  The topic of discussion was about retirement, and what we had planned to do when we decide to work no longer.  We fantasize about buying a home in Florida and spending our summers in New England and the winters in Florida.  One other wanted to be near her grandkids and the other couple wanted to be in the city and enjoy the culture and restaurants.  On the way home I could only think that we were all planning for what we wanted to do.  We were not considering what God wanted us to do.

We may be working our jobs, plugging our money into our 401ks and any other retirement fund we my have.  We building up our stockpiles of earthly treasures so that we can enjoy earthly pleasures.  We want to continue on in our pursuit of happiness into our retirement, only that happiness is temporal and fleeting.  We are chasing a dream that disappear like a puff of smoke, like the dreams we have nightly.

Perhaps it is time that we considered a new angle, a new path we should take we enter retirement.  Maybe we should consider what the God we claim to serve would have us do.  Maybe He has plans for us to retire, splitting time between a warm climate and a cold climate, counting down the rest of our allotted days.  But maybe He has plans for us to use our retirement money and open a rescue mission with a soup kitchen.  Maybe we are meant to use our retirement money to fly to poor countries and assist in disaster efforts.  We have been given tools and resources in our professional lives, perhaps we should use them for our Lord’s kingdom instead of our own.

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