June 2, 2015

That old adage, “All roads lead to heaven”, is said by those who wish to go to heaven without making a commitment to Christ.  It is such an easy thing to believe.  You don’t have to do anything except that, hey, I will get into heaven without having to do much of anything.  I can live as I wish and sin with impunity.  God is a generous God who will let me into heaven because He says He loves me, and there is no way that He would send me to a horrible place like the hell described in the bible.  So whatever way I choose is good enough to get myself into heaven.

Upon further review, maybe that phrase should be changed.  Maybe we can agree that all roads do go to heaven but not necessarily into heaven.  You see, we are all destined to make a trip into the Great Throne room, which I presume will be somewhere near the entrance of heaven but not inside of heaven’s gate.  I can guess this because Jesus has to allow us, those He has placed His mark on, into His kingdom when He separates the sheep from the goats, and the goats will not get a glimpse past the gates.  So, those who follow any road they choose will get to heaven but not very far.

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