June 13, 2015

How many of us are willing to become a martyr?  It is a serious question we should all be considering.  We hear a lot of talk and are involved in a lot of talk about God’s will for everything going on.  We hear a lot of talk about tough times with relationships, money, work and family, and how it can bring us down.  But Jesus  can take away all that stress and sadness away.  Jesus can be a salve for all the pain and woe that the American life can bring to us.  We have problems with a lot of things that are outside of us, and we rush to the altar to treat these, but neglect the deeper, internal, problems of sin and it’s impact with the relationship we have with our Lord.

Oh, to move past the superficiality of our current, modern spirituality.  There is not much of a call to a commitment to our Lord.  There isn’t much talk about praying and praying more.  There isn’t much of a call for surrender.  There is talk about how great His grace but there are not too much talk about how grateful we should be.  Is there anyone who can lead us to the deeper parts of God?  Will we ever see a Polycarp or Perpertua  or Peter or Paul or anyone else who is listed in Foxe’s Book of Martyrs in this country?

We are callous, sometimes indifferent, sometimes deaf, sometimes ignoring the voice of God.  The signs are around us that this country is becoming hostile to those who identify with faith in God.  The name of Jesus has become more than a name that people say in exclamation, His name has become a name that provokes anger and venom.  A time is coming when this country will finish legislating God out of the public life and just begin punishing those who call on Jesus.

I guess I want that sort of commitment for me, myself.  A commitment that means, in spite of my family, friends or fellow people at our church.  Will I be told to moderate my position because it makes people uncomfortable, or will some join me?  My guess would be the latter because sometimes a person willing to stand on God’s truth without compromise, putting it all on the line, and appearing to be turning one’s back to all the people he knows is a risk to be around.  I want to stand in the arena before the lions and gladiators and say Jesus is Lord and none other.

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