joy expressed

There is a commercial going on now.  In this commercial are a bunch of homemade videos of people giving to their family and friends tickets to an event.  The whole point is to catch the reaction of excitement of the people when they realize what the real present is.  These people are extremely excited, a young girl screams, an old man cries, a husband jumps up and yells and then hugs his wife, and so on…you get the picture.  They are all excited about going to some one-time event that only lasts several hours.  It may be special to that person, something they have always wanted to do but it is fleeting in actual time compared to their lifespan.

I am not immune to this reaction.  I would be excited about receiving tickets to an event that I know that I would enjoy.  (What may surprise some is that one of those events would be a conference of seminars covering biblical doctrines.  That I would enjoy.)  It is a natural reaction to be excited about doing something you did not think you would be able to be a part of.  We all like that time of excitement of witnessing a concert or some type of game. 

Oh, would that excitement be connected to my salvation.  How often I do not express the joy of my salvation as I should.  It’s not that I do not feel joy for the God who sent His Son to die for me, but I also do not express it as I see some do.  I see people in church with angelic looks and tears, and wonder why I am not able to be that way?  There was a time when I was but not so much anymore.  On the other hand I am never really down too much or for very long.  I am human and life will come at me so I will have initial negative reactions to some situations.

But I do get passionate about the bible and discussing the doctrines in the bible.  I mean I guess that is how I express my joy in my salvation.  I love reading commentaries, books about orthodox doctrine and listening to teaching about the bible.  I eat that stuff up.  Right now I am listening to music because if I was listening to someone talking I wouldn’t be able to concentrate.  I love talking about God to anyone who will listen, and I love writing this blog.  I write because I need to share with someone and anyone what thoughts I have about my Lord and Savior, His inspired word and the importance of contending for the faith.

I suppose we all express our joy in different ways.  It is all in moderation.  One cannot get too caught up in the emotional side of joy and one cannot get caught up too much in the cerebral side of knowing God.  We must find the balance, all of us, where we are experiencing the joy of our salvation.  I don’t think we are to be constantly wearing a smile on our faces but we to understand that there is joy in knowing that are salvation is secure in Christ.

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