January 8, 2015

I believe that today would’ve been Elvis Presley’s birthday.  I worked with a guy who was a huge Elvis fan, lambchop sideburns and everything.  On the anniversary of his death, I used to ask him why he wasn’t wearing black.  He would chase me away with his cane.  He knew I was only joking with him.  But recently, other celebrities have died, with big write-ups about their career and how influential they were in the field of profession, and such and such, blah, blah, blah.

So, it got me to wondering what I would say about a nationally known sports anchor who died if I was asked.  After some time, with the usual questions how his colleagues liked him and others he had to interact with, his family and such, I came to the real question that should be asked: Did he know Jesus?  Or rather, did Jesus know him?  Did Jesus welcome him into heaven or has he placed in Hades awaiting Judgment Day?

The apostles were not spectacular men or celebrities before becoming Jesus’ disciples, which the exception of Paul, who was a well-known Pharisee, notorious among the early church.  But all of them, as well-known as they are now, only cared about doing one thing: Telling people about Jesus and leading people to know Jesus.  And then sending letters to them telling them more about Jesus, and correcting bad teachings about Jesus.  Telling people about Jesus is all they cared about because living for Jesus was all that mattered to them.

Celebrities impress us. We want to have what they have, and it’s not just money, it is the notoriety. We want people to know us, recognize us, and want to be like us. But what do they have that is eternal? Does their fame make them any less deader? They can do charitable works but it will not be enough to get them into Heaven. They can live below their means and do movies with positive uplifting messages but it will not avail them on the day of Judgment. In the end, when it comes time to stand before Jesus, they are in the same situation we are.

If you know Jesus, strive to be like Him who lives eternal.  Don’t be focused on what other people achieve on earth, earthly treasures.  Become known for knowing Jesus, not for knowing how to pretend in front of a camera, or throwing a ball or hitting a ball or telling people what’s going on.  If you don’t know Jesus, get to know him today before your last breath comes.


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