January 31, 2015

How often we forget we are involved in spiritual warfare.  Situations will happen in our lives that will cause feelings within us and the other parties affected.  These reactions and feelings are totally valid and legitimate, or not.  Where the spiritual warfare happens is in the aftermath.  It is this reason we need to put on the full armor of Christ to fight this battle every minute of every day.  We need to renew our minds daily with scripture reading and prayer, and live devout lives totally dedicated to the Lord, including the mundane activities.  Paul mentions this in 1 Cor. 10, we ought to do all things to the glory of God.

We need to ever diligent in our Christians lives because Satan will take every opportunity to plant the seeds of doubt.  I was in a conversation with my ex-wife and she was talking about how she has most of the responsibility.  She said she wasn’t trying to make me feel guilty but that was what she was doing.  I am in a new relationship which I believe was brought about through the work God’s plan.  My ex-wife’s and my kids’ feelings are valid and real, and I acknowledge them but she has to move on.  The kids will take time to work through this.

When I fell asleep I felt fine about the situation.  When I woke the next morning I was having doubts about situation.  After an hour of chewing on it in my head I turned the doubt over to the Lord.  He revealed to me that I was under a spiritual attack and Satan and his minions were trying to knock me off the current path I am on.  Praise God and give all the Glory to Him for revealing this to me.  Who knows what would have happened if I continued to let these doubts fester in my mind.

The flip side to this is when we under a spiritual attack this only confirms that we are on the right track in the Father’s plan for us.  Satan cannot read our minds but he can hear what we are saying and make incredibly shrewd guesses in how to attack us to turn us aside from the narrow path to Glory.  We need to ensure we are grounded in a daily intake of scripture and a time of prayer to prepare us for these assaults on our faith.  We cannot do it with our power.  I know because I tried for years.  Turn it over to the Lord and He will enlighten on His path.

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