January 30, 2015

Kids can be odd at times, especially when confronted with the fact that they lied.  My stepdaughter was eating a dinner that had crab legs.  I came home and she had one sticking out of her mouth.  About ten minutes later I came back to the kitchen and saw her with a crab leg sticking out of her mouth.  I asked if the that was the same leg and she said it was a different one.  And then I caught her trying to go back for more before her mother got home.

Then her mom got home and asked her how many pieces of crab she ate.  Her daughter said she only had one.  So I asked her why she told me she had two different legs.  She started off into this long explanation about why it wasn’t two but one.  I related the conversation we had had when I got home, and she still insisted that it was really only one leg, despite what she told me earlier, with a long nonsensical story that I am sure sounded reasonable to her.  I said it was a yes or no question.  They she still insisted that she only had one, started crying because we wouldn’t believer her, at which point I knew that she did have two (my son does the same trick).

So why am I telling this story?  Well, even after her mother told her she wasn’t in trouble she still insisted on telling her mother that she only had one leg and not two.  Even after she was off the hook she continued to lie.  We do the same thing before God.  Instead of just realizing we sinned, we cover it up like David did with Uriah and Bathsheba.  We always have a twisted, nonsensical explanation for why we did what we did, and it all sounds reasonable to us.  Why?  Because we love living in the shadows and in the gray areas, and we want to make what is a black and white issue gray, so we do not feel at fault for sin.

But we are forgiven.  The Father forgave our sins when He poured out His wrath on His Son on the cross.  We do not have to squirm and make up stories to explain our sin.  We only need to confess our sin with a broken and contrite heart.  And that is the problem, our pride will always be in the way.  Ask God to forgive and He is faithful to forgive.  Don’t waste time and effort to make up a story and hope God falls for it.  He knows it all already.

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