January 28, 2015

I was watching America’s Funniest Home Videos (AFV if I reference it again) a long time ago.  It was under duress because I did not have control of the remote.  Anyway, as I watching a video came on of twin boys, about a year old, with their little plastic toys.  One had a plastic bat in one hand and a plastic golf club in the other.  His brother came over and took one of them.  The victim of the crime got mad and followed his brother and whacked him over the head.  His brother began crying and dropped the bat he stole.  The victorious victim picked up the dropped bat and walked away.  The audience laughed but I was kind of amazed.

What had happened spoke to the nature we are born with.  Humanists can go on about man being basically good in his base nature but it is hogwash.  All can agree that one year olds do not really have a firm grasp of right and wrong, sharing and what-not.  The one twin taking what his brother had and his brother retaliating with violence.  Where does this reaction come from if it is not already there in our very nature?  Up to this point everything they do is still cute, and I suppose the video might have been as well, but it is a really sad commentary on the true nature of man.

We are out for number one from the moment we take our first breath.  It doesn’t really change much from there.  We are born into sin and in sin we are conceived.  I am not saying we all bastard children.  I am saying that from birth our nature is set against our Creator.  We strive for what we believe is ours.  Now, it is possible to give unselfishly but does that necessarily mean we are good?  Being capable of good does not take diminish the fact that we are evil and sinners in the sight of God.

The video of the twins, if anything, shows us that our selfish tendencies are part of our nature.  In the end, stating that we are basically good and maintaining a worldview with that as a basis is asking to be made a fool.  There is only One who walked this earth who was good, and that was Jesus.  One day, we will recognize and acknowledge this, either in pure adoration and joy or in submission and sentencing to hell.  Jesus is the only way to move from being evil and going to good.  Don’t fall for the “man is basically good” line.  It’s a fast track to a place you do not want to go.  Just spend a little time watching children play and you will see my point.

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