January 26, 2015

I was having a conversation with someone about Jesus’ life.  He said explained to me that the Jewish religion during the time of Jesus was split up into different sects.  He believed that was Jesus was a part of one sect and was trying to reform all the other sects.  He spent His time going against the other sects.  Then the more powerful sects got tired of Jesus and decided that they would plot to have Him killed by the Romans.  This is a great misconception of the purpose of Jesus’ coming here to earth.

Jesus’ primary mission when He was born was to die.  He was not meant to die like the rest of us, through and by a slow decay of our sin.  He was meant to die on the cross.  He was destined to be the true and final Passover Lamb.  This is something He knew all along.  He knew this fact since He began His ministry, maybe even before.  He was sent to earth, born as a human so He could feel and know what we feel and be able to die for us,

Jesus’ secondary mission was to train His twelve disciples.  He had them around Him for the three years of His ministry.  They saw, heard, felt and participated in all that He did.  They saw the way He related to the sick.  They heard His sermons to the crowds that followed Him.  They felt the power of His Spirit and participated in some of the miracles He did.  They were being prepared to carry on His message after He ascended into Heaven.

Jesus didn’t come to fix what was wrong with Judaism.  He came to fix what was wrong with all of mankind.  His mission was primarily focused on the Jews but the mission of His chosen disciples was the rest of the world.  He didn’t come to restore the Kingdom.  He came to start a revolution and revival.  He came to take the world He created and turn it upside down.

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