January 24, 2015

When people consider the passion of the cross and the days that led up to Jesus’ being nailed to that tree, they usually focus on the whipping, the beating, the mocking, the kangaroo court, the betrayal, the abandonment of His friends, the humiliating march through the streets, the taunting of the crowd, and finally the nailing to the cross.  Then the cross is plunked into a hole and He hung there, taking all the wrath of His Father, dying on the cross, stabbed in the side with a spear, placed in a cave, locked in and then He rose from the grave, giving us victory over death.

And the crown of thorns on His head.  I remember a sermon when I was a very young.  A preacher actually a replica of a crown of thorns and the thorns on vines were about two or three inches long.  And they were jutting out in different directions.  Not much is said except that it was forced onto His head because He claimed to be the King of the Jews, the Promised Messiah.  I have not heard anyone explain the significance of the thorns.  Why not a crown of twisted metal with spikes, like barbed wire?

The significance of the thorns is that they were part of the curse.  They were part of the consequences of Adam’s sin,

Genesis 3: 17-18:

17 And to Adam he said,“Because you have listened to the voice of your wife and have eaten of the tree of which I commanded you,
    ‘You shall not eat of it,’ cursed is the ground because of you;
    in pain you shall eat of it all the days of your life;
18 thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you;
    and you shall eat the plants of the field.

The thorns were part of the curse that had to be a part of our redemption.  Jesus had to have the thorns placed on His head.  Our sin is our curse and Jesus took on all of our sin.  The crown of thorns was a symbol of the sin He was nailed to the tree to redeem.  The crown of thorns was not just a mockery of His claim to be the Heir to David’s throne.  It is a reminder of how our sin had cursed the earth which was also was redeemed when He was crucified.  He is our Redeemer and King, and He wore that crown of thorns for His glory to come and His glory to share with us.

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