January 23, 2015

I was watching a TV show with a typical ending that speaks to the inconsistency of contemporary thinking.  A man was in bed with a former girlfriend (now married).  A woman he has been seeking a relationship with at work shows up at his door wanting to start a relationship with him, something that has been going back and forth for most of the show.  She sees the other woman walk into the room covered in a sheet, shock, disappointment, confusion and anger soon follow.

What this reflects is man’s desire to commit adultery and fornication in conflict with the law of God written on man’s heart.  Of all the Ten Commandments the one concerning adultery is the one we want to eliminate.  We want free sex with anyone, at anytime and anywhere.  We want it to be inclusive not exclusive.  We want no strings attached and to be able to walk away.

But then one of them gets this peculiar notion of exclusivity.  They don’t want to share.  What they thought would lead to a long term relationship leads to heartbreak when the other is in bed with someone else.  In context with man’s desire, the one caught with another woman should not feel guilty because the other woman wanted an exclusive relationship and was angry because of what she stumbled onto.  In fact she had no right to any expectations of the sort from him.

So where does the hurt and betrayal and other emotions come from?  It comes from the law of God written on our hearts.  We must to reason, philosophize, or simply say God doesn’t exist but the fact remains that evidence to the contrary is everywhere.  If we were just animals, not made in His Image and moral creatures, none of those emotions would surface.  But they do come, hard and fast.  We can come up with theories, alternative fictional stories about the origin of man, or just simply deny that God exists, but the evidence of emotion to being wronged points to a moral Creator and a God who will hold us accountable to that evidence of His existence.

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