January 15, 2015

It is that time of year, in the U.S., where it is the playoffs for the NFL.  The playoffs are a weeding process where what really stands out is the ability of the coaches as much as the talent of the players.  It is during this part of the season that the A-list coaches set themselves apart from the rest of the coaches.  The mediocre coaches are exposed because talent doesn’t matter as much as it does in the playoffs as it does in the regular season.  A mediocre coach can excel in the regular season if he has good talent on his team but will be shown as mediocre by a better coach in the playoffs.  They are the coaches that stand on the sidelines with that confused look on their face.

An A-list coach can formulate a game plan that can utilize the talent of his players to the defeat their opponent.  They not only know the talent they have but they know how to “coach-up” the lesser talented players so they seem better than they actually are.  A great coach assesses a players talent.  They see where the player is in the development of that talent, they recognize how much talent or the limits of that talent, and know how to develop that talent to its full potential.  In other words a great coach does this:

  1. Identify the level of talent for individual players
  2. Identify what stage that talent is at in it development
  3. Understand how to mold the player to reach or exceed the full potential of their talent
  4. Then puts forth the plan to develop that player and utilize his talent on the field to help  the team win.

A great coach not only sees the amount of talent in a player, he can take them from where they are to where they should be.  He can see who they are now and bring them to where they should be.

Recently, a preacher used this analogy about the Holy Spirit.  In a sense it true.  He is our Advocate before the Father and Son but it is His job to coach us, a.k.a. sanctify us, in our spiritual life.  He was sent to us my Jesus to be our Mentor, Coach, Confidante and Motivator, among other things, so we can continue to grow and be more like Christ everyday.  He is the Helper that Jesus promised.

In sports, there comes a time when players begin to resent a coach, no matter how great they are.  Sometimes this affects the whole team and sometimes it only affects individual players, who are then cut or traded.  In any case the coach has lost his influence and his coaching goes nowhere and the team goes nowhere.  Do not become deaf to the coaching of the Spirit.  Pray that we all will have attentive ears when He is speaking because He will give us the game plan to overcome this life and the struggles we face.

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